The History Of Interior Design [Infographic]

Many of us think interior design is a term coined in the 20th century, but the history of it can probably be traced back to the early cavemen, who decorated the walls of their caves with simple drawings of plants and animals.

Our fun infographic looks at how buildings have changed over the years and how ornamental and lavish decorations have been added to beautify interior spaces. Romans and Greeks had beautiful mosaic floors added to their villas while the Renaissance period in Italy inspired elaborately carved furniture and walls covered in gorgeous tapestries.

With the rise of housing estates, where every building was identical to its’ neighbour, homeowners had to put their own ‘stamp’ on the interior to show their house was different somehow. The late 1990’s saw interior design become the ‘in’ thing thanks to programmes such as Changing Rooms, where experts gave advice on how to improve homes decor.

The History of Interior Design by Terrys Fabrics
The History of Interior Design by Terrys Fabrics.

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