The many uses of the versatile chalkboard

Installing a chalkboard plaque on a wall or frame can be super useful and stylish, these days. We gathered some ideas to use this material in your house. You’ll see how versatile and convenient this decorative item can be, according to each room needs.


Put it on the driveway to welcome your guests.


Kids love to draw and paint on their walls. So, what can be a better solution than a chalkboard that can be drawn and cleaned how many times are necessary.


Use it as a big notebook where you can write your dates and things to do and check it whenever you want.


Decorate your hall with a chalkboard and write inspiring sentences and ideas.


Use it in your kitchen to write the groceries that are missing and leave notes.

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Organize and divide your house tasks by creating a board with every family member.


Frame a piece of chalkboard and use it to decorate your living room.

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