The most outrageously expensive gadgets for the home!

Every home owner wants to have luxury gadgets that make life more enjoyable, but how much would you be prepared to pay for a little luxury in your home?  A lot of choices are highly reliant on personal choice, and if you had the spare cash they could seem like wonderful gadgets to have around! The following post is brought to you by Finance Girl and features the most outrageously expensive gadgets for the home.

Kitchen – Custom Made Cork Screw

Photo Credit: Babble
Credit: Babble

Delight your friends and family with the beautiful velvet lined box that this cork screw is stored in, although there are no outstanding features, this type of cork screw is purchased by the elite, except maybe the velvet lined box, the hefty price of $63,000.00 would make your custom made cork screw your most expensive gadget in the kitchen.

Bathroom - Numi Toilet

Photo Credit: Gizmag
Credit: Gizmag

Amaze your friends with a selection of music while they do the necessary on the toilet!  With the latest innovation from Kohler the Numi Toilet has Bluetooth so you can stream music directly from your phone, an SD card and slot so you can even have your toilet greet you!  Other features of the Numi toilet include ambient lighting which can be set to cycle through all seven available colours or select specific colours for each day of the week, a battery pack which supports 100 flushes, a USB port for easy firmware upgrading.  Make your time on the toilet more enjoyable by purchasing the Numi toilet, although it will set you back $6,650.00 with all those additional features it could well be worth it!

 Bedroom - Vividua Mattress

Photo Credit: The Most Expensive Journal
Credit: The Most Expensive Journal

Everyone wants the most comfortable night’s sleep, but would you want to pay $59,750.00 for that luxury?  Vividua is Latin for ‘Full of life’, people who sleep on this bed say that it is like sleeping on a cloud.  It does boil down to your personal preference, but the Vividua is hypoallergenic and has all the additional features and control switches that are available in other mattresses to make that sleep as peaceful as possible.

Office - MWE PC Workstation

Photo Credit: MWE Lab
Credit: MWE Lab

Make work a pleasure with the MWE PC Workstation – this is like a desk and office chair all in one, with touch screen control, air filtering, light therapy, an electric powered leather seat and a maximum of 3 27” LED screens as some of the features, the hefty price tag of $49,150.00 is quiet understandable.

Living Room - Megatrend MKIII Speakers

Photo Credit: My Luxury Notebook
Credit: My Luxury Notebook

Whether you are watching a movie, listening to music or having a party the Megatrend MKIII Speakers literally provide a wall of sound!  The pair of speakers are each 7 feet tall and more than 3 feet wide, with 24 x 8” woofers and a ribbon – line speaker tower.  The Megatrend has been described as an audiophile’s dream as it does not rely on a deep speaker cabinet for superb sound quality.  Although at $80,000.00 for the pair you would need to really enjoy good quality sound as well as watch a lot of movies to validate the price tag!

Even one of these outrageously expensive gadgets could break your bank, but if its luxurious and feature rich gadgets that excite you, these are good choices!

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