The Power of Vacuums: How Have Cleaners Been Improved?

Photo credit: Holistic Forge Works Vacuum Portraiture
Photo credit: Holistic Forge Works Vacuum Portraiture

Since the very first vacuum cleaner saw its patent issued back in 1860, the suction technology has come a seriously long way. For one thing, these early sweeping devices demanded that their user pump by hand, to create the power necessary to clean a dirty floor. Somehow, somewhere, society has managed to take this crude 19th century invention and turn it into something incredibly powerful and versatile.

Here, we’ll take a quick look at several ways in which vacuum cleaners have been improved.


As many advances as there have been and will be in the world of vacuuming, there’s one thing that takes priority over everything else, and that’s power. The simple ability to pick items up from the floor and move them to a disposable area is essential and the ability to do this is ultimately the criterion by which its success will always be judged.

The power of today’s vacuums is incredible. So much so that comparisons are even being drawn between vacuums and Formula 1 engines!


All the power in the world doesn’t matter a bit if you aren’t able to access a dirty spot with your vacuum cleaner. As a result of this fact, the bulky machines of the 1960s haven’t made it into the 21st century.

Today, we have a number of smart technologies which allow vacuum cleaners to reach into the tightest of spaces and to turn the tightest of corners, without leaving a single dust particle behind.

Ball technology occupies the top end of the market, not only allowing you to reach further into the corners of your home, but allowing you to do so with the utmost ease. For even smaller spots, handheld vacuums are now available to make it easier to clean furnishings and high areas.


Any items that we keep in our home and use on a regular basis should have some thought put into their aesthetics, and a vacuum cleaner is no different. Fortunately, the designers of today have realised this fact.

The bulky designs of the 1960s weren’t only tough to drag around; they were also something of an eye sore.

Today, vacuum cleaners are made from coloured plastics and transparent materials, which show off their impressive inner technology.

When steps like these are taken, you know the technology has come a long way!

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