The Sophisticated Color Greige: 15 Possible Combinations

3. Greige living rooms


Using greige is great way to boost that industrial look you’re looking to create in your living room. Don’t forget to add other staples of the style, such as interesting accessories featured on the coffee table, and mix materials, such as wood and metal.


The mix between greige and yellow will make your living room look brighter and so much more fun.


The dark brown wooden furniture and floor and the wild print complement the greige walls perfectly.

4. Greige dining rooms


Like we said before: greige and orange! Simply perfect…


Greige, soft pink and a dark wooden table combined with minimalist white chairs. Add some modern details like the painting and you have a cozy and inviting, yet modern, dining room.


Strange as it seems, greige and beige actually work quite well with each together. This dining room looks super stylish.

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