The Ultimate Cocktail Shaker

If you like to have parties at your home, then you have to buy some kind of cocktail shaker. Just to shake things up! Drinks are really easy to make and people love that. Martinis, Manhattans, Margaritas – whatever you want! We want to introduce you with the ultimate cocktail shaker! This shaker is called ‘The MasterMixer’ and it’s completely digital. How cool is that? You can make all kind of drinks just by using this shaker and your smartphone.


You just have to select a drink you want to make and the smartphone app wirelessly connects to the mixer and guides the user step-by-step in creating a delicious drink that everyone will love. The MasterMixer is such a smart device, so if you pour too much of something, that won’t be a problem – the MasterMixer will automatically readjust the recipe based on what’s poured into the shaker. The best part is that this awesome shaker looks stylish, modern and unique and you can even wash it in a dishwasher!

Are you wondering who came up with this amazing shaker? The creative team at Pushstart, lead by Adrian Taylor and Aaron vom Eigen, experts in interactive and product design! Good job, guys!!

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