Transform your bed with these 9 creative ideas

Not every bed has to be the same boring combination of wood or plastic, a mattress and white linen. Sometimes, you can go for something different or make DIY alterations to adapt your bed to the general decoration of your home. Check these pictures and get inspired to change the focal point of your bedroom.


Use a dresser to create an improvised footboard. It makes your bed seem a lot bigger, without occupying a lot of space.


Use some simple bookshelves to frame the bed. You can also use that connecting shelf to put reading lights.


Is your room extra small? How about putting the bed inside the closet and store your clothes elsewhere?


If you live in a studio apartment, you can separate your bed from the rest of the house with a set of simple curtains.


It’s super easy to make your own DIY wooden pallet bed.


Here’s another use for a wooden pallet. You can make an original headboard with it.


Use your underbed drawer to make a special bed for your best friend.


It will take some time and material, but you can build your own DIY LED headboard. It looks amazing!


Make a creative and comfy headboard with a cushion hung.



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