Two rules to organize your loft apartment

Loft apartments are hugely popular in big cities, where it’s hard to find a good place to live, especially among young and single people.  This kind of apartment has a lot of advantages, but if you don’t have any sense of organization, you’ll end up with a messy space, where it’s impossible to differentiate a “room” from another.

However, the only thing you need to do in order to avoid a decorating debacle is to follow two simple rules: divide the different areas and pay attention to lighting. Check what we mean in the sections below.

First rule: compartmentalize the different “rooms”


A true loft apartment doesn’t have separate rooms, like traditional apartments or houses. Usually, there’s one large room with a space for a kitchen and a bathroom. So, how do you know where is the living room or the bedroom? Well, it’s your mission to create these rooms.

It’s better if you choose a corner of the loft to place the bedroom furniture  (even better if it’s the farthest corner of the door), so this place is more private and sheltered. Then, place your dining table and chairs in the other corner, to keep the food away from your bed and clothes. According to the available space, you can place the living room furniture in the middle, to create three separate sections. There aren’t exactly rigid rules: the only thing you must remember is to keep elements grouped together.

Second rule: pay attention to lighting


Loft apartments are, usually, small spaces. So, having a nice lighting system (combining natural light and artificial lighting) is a great way to make it seem brighter and wider. Besides, different lighting systems can help you to separate different sections of the loft (like we saw here).

To make your new home look great, you can either use traditional overhead lighting, depending on your landlord’s rules and other regulations, or choose other sources of lighting to better illuminate the apartment. Don’t forget that, whatever you do, you will need a large enough fixture to supply the entire loft with light.


If there’s nothing else to be done, you can set up different floor lamps throughout the apartment, mainly because they use less power and give nice touches to the general decor.

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