Water Purification System

Have a clean cup of water wherever you are with this amazing device. This traveler mini handheld water purification system by SteriPen is small, light (it weighs just 103 grams) and easy to use. And how does it work? UV lamp provides three thousand water treatments. In seconds, UV light effectively destroys waterborne microbes that could make you sick. It is the same technology used by water bottling plants and cities to purify water.


This cool gadget purifies 16 oz. of water in just 48 seconds or 32 oz. in 90 seconds. No pumping or chemicals. It has sleek and compact design which can fit neatly into any luggage, briefcase, small camera bag or even in your pocket.

You can take it with you wherever you go and you will be sure that you’re drinking a clean water! You will only need two batteries to use it and you are good to go.

You can check the price and other information here.

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