Ways to make your apartment as cozy as a house

Photo credit: freshome.com
Photo credit: freshome.com

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to live in apartments instead of houses, and although each home has its own pros and cons there are many ways for the apartment dwellers to overcome some of the cons.

Apartment living is a cost effective way for single people and newlyweds to start their own lives; you don\’t often find families living in an apartment.  However there are elderly folk that move into apartments instead of retirement complexes.

Whether you are a college graduate, a recently single person, a newly married couple or an elderly couple the following major differences between apartments and houses could be important enough to you to make you reconsider moving into an apartment.

Neighbor noise – Unless you on the top floor of your apartment building you will hear each movement that the people above you make.  All apartments are subjected to the noises that the neighbors on either side of them make.

Communal areas – The garden, swimming pool and barbecue areas are shared by everyone living in the building, so you don\’t have the same privacy as you would in a house and you are not allowed to plant anything or change the garden without permission from the body corporate.

Apart from these major cons for apartment living, the one thing that a lot of people living in apartments miss is the romance and comfort of a burning fire in the living room during the winter months.  The most obvious reason why most apartments are unable to feature practical inset wood burning stoves is that they do not have a chimney.

The good news is that with advances in technology the apartment can be as cozy as the house because you can get stylish, balanced flue gas fires which are perfect for homes without a chimney.  This is one of the many ways that people who live in apartments can make their apartments as cozy as any house.

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