What to do if your apartment toilet floods…

Just come across this very interesting questions at “Ask MetaFilter” – User “DeltaForce” posted that their toilet flooded and soaked the carpet in the living room. Obviously they say that their apartment smells pretty bad and they want to know if they can get the landlord to fix the problem.


The great thing about “Ask Meta Filter” is that you get opinions from a lot of educated but different people. Unlike what you find at Yahoo answers who’s answers are basic at best.


The Top answers I found included:

1. Notify the landlord ASAP regardless of who is to blame. The longer you leave it… the worse the situation for all.

2. Use space heaters and de-humidifiers whilst you wait for the landlord to come round. You need to try and dry out the carpet.

3. Look for on the net for cleaning pros… its not a job that is easy to DIY.

4. Speak to your insurance company if any of your belongings are damaged.


Read the full selection of answers here: http://ask.metafilter.com/228237/Flooded-toilet-Soaked-carpet-Apartment-What-to-do

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