5 Great Tips For Getting Art For Your Apartment

Empty wall spaces are just so plain and boring, don’t you agree? You need some cool art to fill those walls! Art galleries are great places for finding wonderful artwork, but they can be a little bit pricey and it can be really exhausting walking from one gallery to another and not finding anything that you like. Well, here is a solution – buy artwork from your couch and this short list of some online art resources will help you. You can find everything here – from those affordable, but interesting prints to some beautiful paintings that will leave your breathless!

1. Etsy – it is a community of artists, creators, collectors, thinkers and doers. You can find wonderful and unique art here: paintings, prints, posters, drawings, illustrations… whatever you want! Everyone can find something perfect for themselves on Etsy – even if you are looking for something cheaper then 10 dollars! Whatever you budget is, you will find something here!


Original oil Painting by Jean Vadal Smith

2. UGallery – a curated online art gallery for the top mid-career and emerging artists. It is really interesting and cool that here you can buy artwork and let the picture hanging in your home for a week, and then you can return it for free, if it doesn’t work for you.

3. Buy Some Damn Art – it was found by art lover, blogger and young entrepreneur Kate Singleton. On this page she brings you new and original artwork from some of the best up and coming artists and she does it every week. Each Tuesday there is a new show by a different artist and you can purchase his or her work on the site for next six weeks.

4. The Beholder – it is a marketplace for artists. You can find some really interesting prints here for 10 dollars, but also some oil on canvas for almost 5,000 dollars.


oil on canvas “Red Rose” by Kristine Rolke Smith

5. Ebay – it is a great place for finding some wonderful artwork that will fit perfectly on your apartment walls. Thing is that you have to be really persistent and just search, search and search. You may find some really awesome items for just a few dollars, and lots of them will already be framed!

These are just some of bunch of online sources for buying original artwork. Which source you will choose depends on your preferences – do you like modern art or maybe some vintage stuff? Just browse through this great pages and find something perfect for you!

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