Why are all my indoor plants dying?


People usually think it’s super easy to have indoor plants. Well, it’s easy to buy them, but it’s not easy to maintain them healthy and vigorous. This happens because most people don’t know there are five sacred rules one must follow to help our green friends survive.

The first rule is get to know your watering schedule. You can’t just decide to water your plants once a week and pray for a green color and a vigorous look. Check how you should be watering your plants using Google and adapting the schedule to the lighting and humidity level available in your location. Don’t be cheap, but also don’t overdo.

Then, you need a good drainage system. And no, the holes in the bottom of your pots are not enough. You should get some rocks or appropriate drainage material to place near the bottom of the plant, so that the water is sucked. Otherwise, it will just stay there damaging the plant roots. Humidity is another tricky subject: don’t just water the plant by spilling water in the soil, sprinkle some water in the leaves every two days.

Don’t move plants around, they don’t like it to be changed from place to place all the time. Just get a nice place near a window, according to the kind of plants you have (full sun, partial sun or shade) and let your green little friend be happy and healthy.


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