WiFi Powered Lightbulbs Are Real! Full Review from Gizmodo


Have you ever woke up in the night and tried to go to the toilet but ended up busting your toe?

Sadly this is a very common problem for me… and the following awesome gadget could be the fix.

Using wifi light bulbs means you can switch on the bathroom light from just  quick swipe of your phone without ever leaving your bed.

There are many other eco/security benefits but I really like the idea of pranking the people you live with when you are thousands of miles away.

I imagine that once these bulbs become common the amount of recorded “poltergeist” sightings will increase dramatically.

Check out the full review over at Gizmodo: http://gizmodo.com/5953671/wi+fi-lightbulbs-are-real-and-theyre-awesome-first-impressions

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