Yo! Home: The Apartment of the Future [Video]

If you watched early Dragon’s Den (UK), you’ll be familiar with Simon Woodroffe, one of the original (and personally my favourite) Dragons. An entrepreneur and motivational speaker, he is probably most known for his successful global chain of the almost ubiquitous sushi bars, Yo! Sushi. Since developing Yo! Company, he went onto launch Yo! Home, showcasing a prototype apartment which can be transformed in a multitude of ways.

Bed rises up to reveal lounge area
Living room revealed

Explaining how the city centre apartment has not been re-invented since its inception, he states “YO! Home is that new invention. Twelve moving parts drawing on the mechanics of stage scenery allow the transformation of an eighty square metre space (the size of a one bedroom apartment) into a much bigger home.”

Slide open shower floor to reveal hot tub

Using various sliding walls and switches, a standard apartment can instantly be transformed to three, even four times its original size. There’s a bedroom which when elevated, reveals a sunken lounge area, perfect for entertaining guests. Hie and her storage throughout the apartment. A wine cellar, a hot tub within the shower and so much more. If you’ve not already done so, check out the video, amazing stuff.

For more information see http://yo.co.uk/

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