Your One Month Guide To Beating Clutter

This infographic is designed to help you beat the clutter in your home in just one month. Sounds impossible? The idea of tidying up your whole house is probably overwhelming, but a room-by-room approach can make the process more manageable.

Take a room at a time, beginning with the living room. Look at it with the eyes of a new visitor, see where the clutter accumulates and decide how to deal with items that are getting in theway. Begin by following our simple flow chart to help you decide if you should throw out or keep the items in question. If you find this too difficult to begin with why not try the Box and Banish approach. If the items you put into the box haven’t been missed or needed after a few weeks, it is probably safe to get rid of them. Stick to this routine and your home will be your sanctuary again.

Conquer Clutter in a Month by Terrys Fabrics
Conquer Clutter in a Month by Terrys Fabrics.

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